Common Questions

Common Questions

What education is required to practice chiropractic?

Chiropractic graduates must have a minimum of six years college education. Coursework includes anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, physical and laboratory diagnostics, radiology, physiology, pathology, nutrition, and public health. In addition, chiropractic education involves a detailed study of clinical sciences as well as clinical experience. Chiropractic medicine focuses on the diagnosis of musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders and treatment through clinically and scientifically established procedures.

Explain what is an adjustment?

Chiropractic care is known (but not exclusively) for its use of the adjustment, sometimes called manipulation. An adjustment is a precise procedure in which the trained Doctor of Chiropractic exerts specific corrective pressure at specific places on the spine or other joint. When a thorough examination reveals joints that are not in proper function, adjustments are applied to correct joint alignment and mobility, relieve associated muscle and nerve tension, improve balance and assist healing. In most cases, adjustments are performed manually or with a handheld instrument.

What can I expect from treatment?

You may not receive an adjustment at every appointment. The treatment you receive will be designed specifically for you – based on your symptoms and examination findings.

In addition to a Chiropractic adjustment, Dr. White may prescribe the use other modalities, done in the office, such as electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, moist heat, ice, massage, or others. Dr. Pate will also take the time to counsel you about the prevention of disease and offer some suggestions for living a healthy chiropractic lifestyle.

Be prepared to discuss: when the problem started, how it started, how long you have had it, what makes the problem worse or better, treatments you have tried so far and how well they worked, and any other information you believe is relevant. You should also bring notes regarding comments or questions you want to ask the Doctor. Also, bring your insurance card and know the amount of your deductible or co-pay.

Medicare and Other Insurances

Medicare no longer requires yearly x-rays, however, Dr. Pate may deem x-rays a necessary tool to view the problem area. X-rays and exams administered are not covered by Medicare and the charges would be the patient’s responsibility. The charges do not apply to the patient’s yearly deductible.

Medicare only covers Chiropractic adjustments, it does not cover the cost of any supplies or therapies. Medicare may only allow 12 visits in a 12 month period, before they arbitrarily stop payment until they determine whether or not there is “Medical Necessity” for further care.

Our office will file both Medicare and supplemental insurance claims for our patients. Payment may be asked for at the time of service, and we will submit claims and have Medicare reimburse you. If our office should happen to receive a check by error, we will notify you and give you the option to receive a refund or apply it to a credit on your account for any further charges.